Solar mobile power 5000Mah

PRICE: $4.00
PERIOD: 5 day(s)
Product Details

1. the first use of this product, please fully filled with electricity.

2. when the mobile power supply is charged, please use the original machine accessories wire or the correct specification wire, otherwise it may cause the mobile power supply damage.

3. before you charge your device, make sure that the device input voltage is consistent with the output voltage of the mobile power supply.

4. do not beat, hit, remove or attempt to repair this product.

5. do not place the mobile power in the wet place and soak the product with water.

6. strictly prohibit the exposure of this product to the heat source and flammable area.

7. in this product left it in the car, the car will cause the high temperature damage.

8. please put the mobile power in the place where children can not take, to avoid improper use of children.

9. don't put any foreign body into the mobile power supply USB input and output holes, so as to avoid short-circuit or damage.

10. in order to avoid shortening the service life, please do a complete charge for the mobile power supply at least every four months.



Three charging modes

1. Solar charging

2. through the USB connection line, charging by the computer USB port. 3. through the USB connection line, by the power adapter charging.

 Description: City electricity charging + solar charging

To break the shackles of the traditional power supply charging only a single charge, solar mobile power built-in photographic Yi slices and micro processing system, when the power supply in the light, will automatically charge.

IP65 waterproof.

Powerful waterproof function, no gap strong protection can reach 6 level waterproof, It's not harmful to the shell to spray water in all directions.

Thin and light weight

The common liquid lithium battery adopts the method of customizing the shell first and then filling the positive and negative pole material. The thickness is below 3.6mm, and there is technical bottleneck. Polymer core, there is no such problem. The thickness can be below 1mm. Meet the needs of modern mobile phone direction.

Lock in power, intelligent sleep

Every letter lock power, automatically turns off the output does not work. Intelligent adjustment of output power, mobile phone charging 0 damage.


Polymer solar energy, long service life

Large capacity, high conversion rate polymer solar mobile power supply, provide safe and sufficient power, to solve your power worries.